About Our Business
We specialize in developing multi-functional alloys in a
variety of form factors (thick substrates, thin films, pellets,
powders, ingots) and geometric shapes.  

  • We provide semiconductor bulk substrates with alloy
    compositions suitable for a variety of electronic,
    optoelectronic, photovoltaic, thermoelectric, linear and
    non-linear optical applications. By altering the chemical
    compositions of the substrate material, the energy
    band gap and lattice constant can be independently
    tailored for your specific applications. Samples with a
    variety of dopants and reduced native defects are
    provided for fine tuning the electrical, optical, thermal,
    magnetic and mechanical properties.

  • We provide custom tailored compounds in the form of
    thin films, powders, shaped ingots, pellets for niche
    applications such as solid state lighting, photo-
    sensors, thermoelectric energy converters, etc.

  • We offer services for damage-free dicing and chemo-
    mechanical polishing of a variety of materials (oxide,
    ceramic, glass, semiconductors, metals).   
About Us