United Semiconductors, LLC was established in 2005
with the vision of developing bulk semiconductor
alloys for a variety of niche applications. Since then
the company has diversified into the development of a
wide range of complex multi-functional inorganic
materials for emerging technologies.

We also develop processing technologies such as
damage-free dicing and optical grade polishing for
new materials.

We offer a variety of services including synthesis of
materials of your choice, shaping of ingots to desired
geometries (prisms, cubes, polygons, cylinders),
substrate thinning and double-side wafer polishing.

For more information, contact us at:

United Semiconductors, LLC
7 University Place, A212
The University at Albany Foundation
Rensselaer, New York - 12144
Phone: (518)-348-6111
Phone: (518)-928-9420

Last Updated: October, 2009
United Semiconductors, LLC